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Oct 24, 2009 Climate Action

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We Did Exactly What We Said We Would Do - 1,300 Strong!



The Amazing Waving Human Tide Line Rocked The Entire Planet


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South Bay Los Angeles 350 Climate Action Chairman, Joe Galliani, with 350.org founder, Bill McKibben, on national radio one day before we rocked Manhattan Beach


Oct 23 2009 350.org's Bill McKibben & Creative Greenius Live on KPFK by creativegreenius


Already Seen By Millions Around The World!



The Largest 350 Climate Action in the United States!


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The Largest Climate Action in the History of Southern California!




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Watch This Incredible Slide Show of the 350 Climate Action Unfolding



From Our Friends At LA Greensters and the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coaliton


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South Bay Los Angeles 350 Climate Action Group Chairperson, Joe Galliani, takes Pew Poll and Mainstream Media to Task on Patt Morrison's KPCC.org radio show:


Pew Poll on Global Warming segment, Patt Morrison Show KPCC.org Oct 26 by creativegreenius


How Do You Like Us NOW?! 

Naysayers and Wet Blankets Proven Wrong by 1,300 Climate Activists!




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We Made The News and We Are Still Making the News!

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Recorded November 6, 2009


Sona Kalapura's Photo Slide Show



350 Actions All Across The USA, Including the Largest in South Bay Los Angeles



Tae Lim of Greenpeace Photo Slide Show



John Longenecker Video Interviews


DONN FREEMAN - MALIK FREEMAN from Picture America on Vimeo.


PORTIA P. COHEN • Mayor - Manhattan Beach CA USA from Picture America on Vimeo.


Tree Muksketeers from Picture America on Vimeo.


Chelsea Menshek • Christina Wright from Picture America on Vimeo.


From the front page of 350.org


Below is a guest post by Joe Galliani, Organizer, of the South Bay Los Angeles US 350 Climate Action Group. Read on to learn about the South Bay Los Angeles Oct. 24 success and how they're making sure the 350 message is heard by bringing photos directly to their local politicians. Thank you Joe - We're extremely grateful for your hard work and the great efforts of your community!


It's exactly two weeks to the day since we surprised a whole lot of folks with an Amazing Waving Human Tide Line on our South Bay Los Angeles beach that stretched much further than any of us could see from the start of the line at the Manhattan Beach Pier. 


It was indeed amazing, it was most definitely waving and it was filled with hundreds and hundreds of humans showing the world that we Southern Californians are anything but mellow or laid-back when it comes to demanding a 350 ppm CO2 target and the actions necessary to protect our children's' future survival.


The energy, buzz and sheer power of the 1,300 strong and very potent mix of people of every age, from every walk of life and from every rung on the ladder who made history on our beach is still reverberating throughout the community and down every hall of power on the local, regional, county, state and federal level.  And we have no intention of letting those vibrations subside.


Our event generated heat and we stoked those flames and kept them burning over the last two weeks through the continual release of photos and slide showsnews articlesradio and TV broadcasts, and video after video shot by the multiple camera crews we had covering our event.   We share and distribute each new piece of content through a consistent and zero cost combination of Facebook, TwitterYouTube, a Wordpress blog, a PBworks Wiki and email blasts to our volunteers, supporters and the local media. 


We're doing it in person too.  This Thursday we're holding a big potluck dinner and celebration for all our volunteers and supporters and everyone is excited about seeing each other again and seeing our photos and videos projected on a big screen.  As many virtual tools as we use every day, nothing matches the bonding power and sheer joy of gathering together to share a meal and the vision for what's next.


One thing we organizers knew all along was that October 24th - as much as we invested into that one big day - was really all about an awakening of people and only the start of something much bigger, broader and bolder.


Now that we've helped our community smell the coffee, we're feeding them the facts, showing them what's at stake, and making this issue very personal for everyone who cares about their moral obligation to leave this world a better place than we found it.  We're finding people are hungry for the straight story which they have not been getting from the mainstream media.


We are not shy about equating the threat we face with the threat the Greatest Generation responded to during World War II when they sacrificed whatever they had to and summoned courage they never knew they had, in order to give people who were born in the post war boom - baby boomers like me - the greatest quality of life in the history of mankind. 

We did more than just mark the spot where sea level rise will bring the waves with our Amazing Waving Human Tide Line, we drew a line in sand and declared that those who crossed that line with us and stood at our side were ready to do whatever it takes to stop destroying our children's future.


Another thing we don't have any problem doing is holding our elected officials to the commitments they make.  We staged an extraordinary rally at our event with over a dozen elected officials publicly endorsing the 350 target and calling for the tough action necessary to achieve those emission reductions.  Here in California I'm proud to say we don't have to chase our politicians after the fact to show them what we did on October 24, because so many of them were there standing side by side with us.


Republicans and Democrats alike, we had support from our Congresswoman, our State Senator, Our State Assemblyman, the entire Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, the 16 cities of the South Bay Cities Council of Governments and the City Councils of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and Torrance.  We have their powerful 350 commitments on video and we'll be delivering those sound bites, along with our photos from the event and our appreciation, to our elected officials during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday season in the United States. 


We'll also be delivering our photos and videos to our California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has already proven a powerful leader in driving exactly the kind of greenhouse gas reductions, energy efficiency standards and renewable energy generation that will get us to 350 ppm.  Through his signing of our state's Global Warming Solutions Act we know the Governor should be a natural ally of the 350 movement and we will actively solicit his endorsement and support as we share our October 24 album - and the media spotlight - with him.


Our job now is to use our people power to keep rapidly growing our movement and to leverage our strength and momentum in unrelenting waves of dramatic action.  It's critical for us to understand that 350 has some mojo now and that this is the diem we need to carpe with a force and determination that is impossible to ignore.  This is no time to have your finger in the air waiting to see which way the wind is blowing - this is the time to BE the wind. You best understand that this is the day you are called upon to dig deep into your soul and find the better angels of our nature.


We've got 27 days until Copenhagen and for the next four weeks we need to keep our eye on the prize - and that prize is a specific and binding 350 target in the climate treaty.  The time has come to strap it on, draw your own line in the sand and understand that this is your moment and you're not going to get another.  You can't put it off for next year or hope someone else will step up in your place. 


The stakes have never been greater, the odds never stacked higher against us and the time left for action never shorter.  Yet the way is clear, the solutions are already in our hands and I believe that if we are unyielding in our efforts and are relentless in our actions that our leaders will have no choice but to commit to a treaty that takes us back to 350.    


That's what can happen in 27 days if we keep on working. That's what is possible if we deliver our photos and the voices of our people to the representatives at every level who need to see them, hear them and feel the sense of urgency it's our responsibility to fill them with. We are ready to keep on rocking and rolling nonstop for all 27 days.  Let's all play together, crank that volume way up and make our music impossible to ignore.



From the front page of 350.org





Attention organizers everywhere--one of your most important tasks right now is to steer the media towards your actions. Here's some advice from one of our California organizers (Joe Galliani), describing their press operation. It is not too late to do some serious reaching out to the press.


Those of us working on 350 events for this Saturday’s International Day of Climate Action know that WE make the news and it’s our job to get it where it needs to go. So we’ve been blogging for months, we’ve been Twittering, we’ve been Facebooking and we’ve been emailing.





And when I say WE, here in South Bay Los Angeles I mean the 40 different groups we made news with first, back in July when we started teaching them about 350 and gave them the news that got them on board.


We started with our elected officials – our Congresswoman, our State Senator, our Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, the 16 cities of the South Bay Cities Councils of Governments, the Mayors of all our beach cities. We knew they could get us media directly through their press people and that having them supporting and endorsing us would bring us media attention too.


We then targeted the 50 local schools, and reached not just all the students but all their parents and grandparents through them. Then all our local churches who communicate with their flocks every single week. We reached out to the businesses and they got the word out through their networks. And we reached out to the bigger, broader Los Angeles communities.



We also have a full-throated volunteer media team doing what you have to do, writing and sending out press advisories, press releases, and science background. Making phone call after phone call to follow up. And remembering to feed the beast real positive news every time we called about new additions to our alliance, new features of our event, new videos and photos of people involved. And we’ve been spoon feeding them the climate research and 350 science every step of the way to make sure they get it right.


Here’s another example of how we make the news and then get it out there ourselves. Last night I represented our SB 350 Climate Action Group at Torrance City Hall where the City Council passed a resolution supporting and endorsing our Oct 24 event and urging all Torrance citizens to be there. We got back home at 9pm, transferred the TIVo’d clip of the televised council meeting to the computer. Edited it, uploaded it to YouTube and posted a blog piece about it. That’s what our people woke up to this morning and that’s what they’re passing on to their lists and contacts.



Yesterday morning they woke up to this long piece by Daily Breeze columnist John Bogert in which reported a ton of 350 and science that we had worked for a month feeding him.



We’ve got our event banners stretched across downtown shopping areas and on PCH where 60,000 cars go by daily. We got our posters up in hundreds of stores. Our fliers are everywhere. Every Farmers Market knows our name and our army of volunteers for weeks now. That’s all part of te local news.


We know that you can create and build your own media momentum using all the easy tools we have at our disposal and with literally no budget.


So instead of just doing a Human Tide Line to demonstrate sea level rise impacts here at our beach, we’re inviting people to be part of “The Amazing Waving Human Tide Line.” It sounds like fun, it’s unique and easy to remember and the media has loved it as a hook. Go ahead and Google that phrase and you’ll see that we have created our own unique brand with that phrase. That was no accident. We thought the TV and video people would love it too because now it’s something alive and moving – something that NEEDS video to be seen best. Can’t do that with just a still shot.


My friends in the 350 movement, we ARE the media and we will be the ones delivering the 350 news all around the world on Saturday to millions and millions of people in every part of our planet. If we keep our heads down, keep pouring it on and finish the job, the legacy MSM won’t be able to ignore us. Nothing can stop us if we stay Fired Up, Ready to Go!


See you all on TV. And on the Jumbotron in Times Square.



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