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10-10-10 Get To Work Day

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PedalPalooza Pumps Up South Bay Bicyclists



After the success of last year's "Amazing Waving Human Tideline" in Manhattan Beach, which drew 1,300 enthusiastic participants, expectations for this year's 10-10-10 "Get To Work" global work parties event was high — both locally and nationally.


The human tideline showed in October 2009 just how much of our South Bay beaches we stand to lose due to rising sea levels caused by global warming.


That event was part of the International Day of Climate Action designed to influence world leaders, such as President Barack Obama, who were soon on their way to the Copenhagen climate treaty talks.


Although it was "the most widespread day of political action in the planet's history," according to CNN, it had no impact on what happened in Copenhagen. 


That's why we decided to take action into our own hands this year and roll up our sleeves to "Get to Work" on 10-10-10, no longer willing to wait for world leaders to actually lead.


As the organizer of the South Bay 350 Climate Action Group, and an active member of the South Bay Bicycle Coalition's board of directors, I knew that a bike ride to bring attention to, and celebrate, the new bicycle master plan process was definitely called for...

Read the rest of the story on Hermosa Beach Patch.com



10-10-10 Work Party Plans!


In the morning of 10-10-10 I'll be riding my bicycle on the beach path from Torrance to El Segundo as part of "Pedalpalooza!" to promote carbon free bike transportation and the South Bay Bicycle Coalition's Master Bike Plan initiative to link the cities of the South Bay with an interconnected bikeway network.  Riding slots are available for a maximum of 75 riders and we're looking for riders from the cities of Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, Gardena and Lawndale to join us in this fun, family-friendly zero emissions ride. 

Check out our event page for details and RSVP to join us: http://www.350.org/node/16179

Here's our South-to-North route map:

PedalPazlooza Route Map (South-North)


After the ride, I'll be pedaling over to Manhattan Beach to join my good friend, Sona Kalapura, the Environmental Programs Manager for the City of Manhattan Beach for her city's 10-10-10 event, "Climate. Oceans. Community. Working Together to Protect Our Planet." 

It's a Sustainability Summit and a Garden Work Party and it takes place from 11am to 4pm.  Here's the event web page:

The Manhattan Beach 10-10-10 Garden Work Party will install a drought tolerant garden at City Hall which will serve as a hands on example of what each of us can do to save water and energy in our landscaping. By installing this demonstration garden we will show the community the simple steps we can all take to live more sustainably and reduce our carbon footprint.  I'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty doing that work.

The Sustainability Summit will start off with informative discussions on climate policy, energy efficiency, and sustainable landscaping. This will be followed by an Eco-Tour of the Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden and a residential rainwater harvesting system. There will be an all day Eco-Fair featuring green technology vendors and environmental organizations.

These are just two of many events that will be held throughout our area and I encourage you to get to work at any of the events closer to your own community.  Here's a link to the different events currently planned in the L.A. area:

My friend Jenny Binstock of Greenpeace has put together a great event at L.A. City Hall


Join Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, and many more groups from all over LA on October 10th to rally against the coal and oil industries’ grip on Los Angeles. This rally is being held as people stand up in over 4,000 locations all over the world as part of an international day of action against climate change. 

Here's their event webpage: at http://www.350.org/node/17488

WHEN: 12:30PM, Sunday October 10, 2010

WHERE: South Lawn at City Hall, on First Ave between Main St and N. Spring St. (The street will be closed off for access as part of the CicLaVia closure throughout LA this day)

WHO: Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Communities for a Better Environment, GreenLA, California Student Sustainability Coalition, 350.org,  and many other organizations

My friends at the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition also have a great CicLAvia event with roughly 7.5 miles of L.A. streets closed to cars from 10 AM - 3 PM on 10/10/10.  The streets will be safe for people to walk, skate, play and ride a bike. There will be activities and entertainment along the route. Shop owners and restaurants are encouraged to open their doors to people along the CicLAvia.  Check out the details at:


After spending the first 8 months of 2010 concentrating on getting the Hermosa Beach Carbon Neutral City initiative off the ground and activated and doing likewise with the South Bay Bicycle Coalition, I'm excited to be back working on these South Bay 350 Climate Action events and getting back to work with many of you.

Greenest regards,
Joe Galliani


Getting to work in 2010: Our new plans...

10 March, 2010 - 13:17 — Bill McKibben

After a month-long retreat in the mountainous US state of Vermont, and following much reflection, listening and movement-storming with allies & organizers from around the world, we're excited to share our new plans for 2010 -- and can't wait to learn what you think! Bill's letter below is about to go out to our entire list -- make sure you're signed up for more exciting updates in 2010!


Dear Friends,


Well, no one said it was going to be easy.


Last year, thanks to many of you, we built up enormous momentum for climate solutions. The global day of rallies you pulled off on October 24th turned out to "the most widespread day of political action in the planet's history," according to CNN, with 5200 actions in 181 countries.


And in Copenhagen that translated into 117 countries--most of the world's nations--supporting a tough 350 target. 


But it didn't translate into political victory. The biggest polluters wouldn't go along. So we still have work to do.


In fact, our slogan for 2010 is "Get To Work." Get to work to start changing our communities, and get to work to make our leaders realize that they actually need to lead. We've sifted through thousands of your emails from all over the world, and come up with an action plan for this year that we think may break the logjam and get us moving. But only, of course, if we act together to make it happen.


The first date to mark on your calendar: October 10. Working with our friends at the 10:10 campaign, we're going to make the tenth day of the tenth month of the millennium's tenth year a real starting point for concrete action. We're calling it the 10/10 Global Work Party, and in every corner of the world we hope communities will put up solar panels, insulate homes, erect windmills, plant trees, paint bikepaths, launch or harvest local gardens. We'll make sure the world sees this huge day of effort--and we'll use it to send a simple message to our leaders:  "We're working--what about you? If we can cover the roof of the school with solar panels, surely you can pass the legislation or sign the treaty that will spread our work everywhere, and confront the climate crisis in time." 10/10/10 will take a snapshot of a clean energy future -- the world of 350 ppm -- and show people why it's worth fighting for.  It's not too early to sign up here: www.350.org/oct10


Every nation is not created equal in this climate crisis, of course. If we can't get the biggest polluters and the biggest economies to change, then we'll never win. So we're going to focus some particular attention on China, the United States, and India with a Great Power Race--college and university campuses will compete to see who can come up with the most, and the most creative, climate solutions. We hope friendly competition will help governments see that they have a lot to gain by diving into clean energy--and a lot to lose by missing this opportunity.


And we'll keep figuring out ways to apply political pressure where it counts--in the U.S. Senate, say, where we're joining a group of our best allies in backing the proposed Cap-and-Dividend approach that would stop letting big polluters pour carbon into the sky for free. In other parts of the world, we'll hold more of the climate leadership workshops that produced so many great leaders last year.


And as the next UN conference approaches in Mexico in December, we'll stage the largest piece of public art in the planet's history--a reminder that we have to bring passion to bear along with science and economics if we're going to move this process.


We know, from the calls and emails we've been getting, that people all over the world are ready to go to work. We think this plan can increase the odds of real action. We know that we have no choice. When, years down the road, the next generation asks what we did to save the planet, we want to be able to say: "We rolled up our sleeves and got to work."  There's no guarantee we can beat the rich and powerful interests that we're up against--but thanks to you we've got enough momentum to have a real chance. Let's use it now.



Bill McKibben and the 350.org Team


P.S. We've learned that there's great power in pictures, and so we decided to make an audio slideshow that walks through our plan for 2010 and how we got here.  Please watch it here, and share the piece with family & friends by spreading this link: www.350.org/audio-slideshow. Also, please forward this message far and wide--2010 needs to be a year of unprecedented growth for this movement. 


P.P.S. We want to know what your reaction is to the plan for 2010--will you share your ideas and thoughts with the Global 350 Facebook Community by leaving a comment in the latest message? (www.facebook.com/350.org)



Green Summer Greetings South Bay 350 Climate Action Group Friends,

Last October we rocked Los Angeles and people all around the world with our Amazing Waving Human Tide Line on the beach in Manhattan Beach with over 1,300 of us calling for climate action at the Copenhagen talks.
We did great work mobilizing our communities but our national and world leaders ignored our voices and took no action to address climate change.  They have taken no action since either.


YouTube plugin error


This year Signs of warming are found all over the globe (here are just a few courtesy of our friends at Skeptical Science):


It's no wonder that this October we're no longer asking for others to take action, we're taking action ourselves with Get To Work Day on 10-10-10 (Sunday, October 10, 2010). 

 350.org is partnering with Greenpeace, WWF, 1Sky, Oxfam, tcktcktck, Friends of the Earth and dozens of other climate activist organizations in this Global Work Party taking place all around the planet, in over 125 different countries and in events all across the South Bay and Los Angeles County.

I'm now inviting you to roll up your sleeves and get to work with us.

I'm personally participating in two different 10-10-10 Work Parties here in the South Bay and I'm writing to tell you about them.

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