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Moving Planet Event Schedule

Page history last edited by Joe Galliani 12 years, 10 months ago

Moving Planet South Bay will take place from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM on 13th Street and Morningside Drive in Manhattan Beach. Please join us at 10:00 AM to show your support for a sustainable, livable South Bay and enjoy the booths, demonstrations, and workshops that occur throughout the day.


Check out the "How to Get Here" webpage for more details about the location.




Day's Agenda

10:00AM – 10:05AM:  Gather attendees to speakers area at Metlox Plaza
10:05AM – 10:15AM:  Event introduction from Joe Galliani & Sona Kalapura 
10:15AM – 10:25AM:  Welcome Remarks by local elected officials 
10:25AM – 10:30AM:  Carolyn Miller - Transition South Bay movement
10:30AM - 10:35AM:  Marissa Christiansen- South Bay Bicycle Coalition
10:35AM – 10:45AM:  Vitality City skit
10:45AM – 10:50AM:  Overview of workshop/demonstration schedule

10:50AM – 11:00AM:   Break to setup beginning of workshops

10:50AM -  11:15AM:  Begin walking tour of Demonstration Garden at City Hall 

11:00AM – 2:00PM Moving Planet Workshops
(Interactive sessions, 13th Street/Metlox Plaza)

11:00AM – 11:15AM  Bikram Yoga Workshop
11:15AM – 11:25AM  Grades of Green: how to pack a trash free lunch
11:25AM – 11:35AM  Village Runner: running/walking/stretching clinic
11:35AM – 11:45AM  Growing Great: growing an organic vegetable garden
11:45AM – 12:00PM  MB Botanical Garden: quiet gardening “aerobics”
12:00PM – 12:15PM  YogaBuddies: yoga for kids
12:15PM – 12:25PM  backwards beekeepers: beehives in your backyard
12:25PM – 12:40PM  i tai chi for health: tai chi demo
12:40PM – 12:55PM  REI: Youth Bike Safety
12:55PM – 1:00PM   Tree Musketeers
1:00 PM  – 1:20PM   You Can Dance Studio: Dance Performance
1:20PM   – 1:30PM   AdventurePlex: Zumba! exercise for everyone

1:30PM   - 1:40PM   South Bay Bicycle Coalition: Rules of the Road for Bikes & Cars

1:40PM   - 1:45PM   Manhattan Beach Environmental Task Force

1:45PM   - 2:00PM   BCHD: Exercise for Seniors

2:00PM                   Event concludes

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