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Moving Planet Booth Descriptions

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The Quiet Garden:  If you’re like many of us, the noise from a leaf blower, weed eater or power lawn mower is one of the most unpleasant sounds you hear outside. Wouldn't it be lovely instead to hear the lyrical notes of a warbler, the delicate trickle of a water fountain or the calming rustle of tree leaves? Although using these mechanical devices gets the job done a little faster, if you or your maintenance person uses the hand held, non-motorized gardening tools, there are tremendous health benefits to be gained. Not to mention the increased appreciation, friendliness and cooperation of your neighbors. The MBBG will demonstrate the proper way to use “Quiet Gardening” tools like brooms, rakes, clippers, shears and shovels. In addition, they’ll reveal the amazing health benefits and calories per minute that can be burned using these time-tested techniques. One more benefit to be gained: Reduced noise pollution!
California native wildflower seed packets will be given away.

Stop by our booth and share your favorite Earth Day memory to be entered to win earth hugs and prizes!  Our arts director has come up with some awesome kids activity! Wire bicycle sculptures, foot print art and bike decoration
VOICE will also share information on how individuals and organizations can improve our community's environment.  Information on the AES power plant rebuild (Oct 3rd meeting) healthy restaurants in the south bay (Nov 7th meeting) and our 20th annual Earth Day plans (April 28, 2012).  We welcome new volunteers please visit us atgreenervoice.org

At our booth, we will be giving out free passes to our group classes at You Can Dance Studio.  We will also give information and consultations on the importance and enjoyment of dance as a hobby, art form, or exercise.  Whether someone wants to learn a few steps, or create a glamorous routine, we will help them reach that goal.  Dancing is a wonderful social activity, as well as a great way to keep in shape.  One can learn a dance in a week, or make it a new, healthy, enjoyable hobby.

YogaBuddies will be offering yoga to KIDS of all ages!  Kids will have fun learning yoga poses that help strengthen and stretch the body. We'll also teach 2 breathing techniques that help to focus and calm the mind. 

At our EPN booth we will have handouts about current environmental issues. We may have post cards for people to write to Obama about stopping the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline or another issue. We also have handouts about joining EPN. Since several of us are also in the Audubon Society, we will have their newsletter, Hummin' to give out. We will talk to visitors about the importance of environmental activism, especially about dealing with the climate catastrophe that we are facing. We will have information about stopping the building of a new electrical  generating plant in Redondo Beach.

backwards beekeepers
Did you know, 40% of your food comes from the work of the honeybee?  We're a group of organic, treatment-free beekeepers in Los Angeles, with branches now forming in other cities.   We're "Backwards" because we rely on observation and natural practices to keep our bees thriving rather than pesticides, chemicals, or treatments of any kind.   Our members are aged 15 yrs to 90 years, and come from all walks of life.  We aim to dispel unfortunate myths about bees and show the fun and fascination of the life of the bee society and the yummy product the bees produce.  With an on-line "bee-rescue network" and monthly educational meetings/mentorings, we're continually growing as more and more people discover the enjoyment and worth of encouraging our native feral bee population. Our goal is to do right by the bees so that the bees can return the favor.

Meditation is at the heart of the Buddhist way of life. It is basically a method for understanding and working on our own mind. We first learn to identify our different negative mental states known as 'delusions', and learn how to develop peaceful and positive mental states or 'virtuous minds'. Then in meditation we overcome our delusions by becoming familiar with virtuous minds. Out of meditation we try to maintain the virtuous minds we have developed and use our wisdom to solve the problems of daily life  .As our mind becomes more positive our actions become more constructive, and our experience of life becomes more satisfying and beneficial to others.

Our oceans and beaches are some of the greatest places anywhere to exercise, move, and enjoy the outdoors.  Heal the Bay is a nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to making Southern California coastal waters and watersheds, including the Santa Monica Bay, safe, healthy and clean. We use research, education, community action and advocacy to pursue our mission.  Our booth will feature information about how individuals can make a difference and help improve local water quality.

Northrop Grumman Sustainability Teams will have an Eco-trivia Booth (with prizes as long as the visitor learns something new) along with information on what the employee teams and company are doing to make our facilities and communities a  more sustainable place to work and live!

Stop by the Roundhouse Aquarium anytime from 10am-2pm on September 24th.  In honor of Moving Planet we will have crafts for kids to make and take home.  As always, we will have educational materials about the oceans, marine life, and what you can do to make a difference for the environment.  Mention Moving Planet and receive a free gift, while supplies last!

Bikram Yoga Manhattan Beach - Change your BODY, change your LIFE!  Yoga demonstrations and ongoing classes to introduce Bikram's beginning yoga series. This series is safe for everyone young and old. As bikram says " It's never too late, it's never too bad,  and you're never too old or too sick to start from scratch once again."  Bikram Yoga's twenty-six posture exercises systematically move fresh, oxygenated blood to one hundred percent of your body, to each organ and fiber, restoring all systems to healthy working order, just as Nature intended. Proper weight, muscle tone, vibrant good health, and a sense of well being will automatically follow.

i Tai Chi for health
i Tai Chi for health will have 2 coupons to raffle to 2 people for 4 tai chi classes in a month each at a $60 regular value per coupon.  Also free t-shirts for people who sign u for a class at the event at discounted new student prices.  Participants of all ages will be able to participate in a tai chi class demo at the event.

Deep Roots Garden Center will have on display and for sale many types of drought tolerant plants that are well suited for our coastal climate.  See just how beautiful your landscape can be all while conserving water and using less fertilizer and pesticides.  We will also have a great selection of fall and winter veggies and herbs.  Experience the difference of growing your own organic food!  Owner Jon Bell will be there to answer any questions and instruct attendees on good gardening practices.

KOCH DEVELOPMENT:building-wisely-works
Traditional building consumes 40% of the total fossil energy in the US.As our population continues to swell and natural resources are depleted, Green Building has evolved as today’s building solution. As Southern California's GREEN Building Pioneer, KOCH Development separates itself by being the only Beach Cities Advanced Contractor to authorize Home Improvement rebates through EnergyUpgradeCa. KOCH Development offers Smart - GREEN Building solutions that we pass on to our Customers at conventional pricing.

The Los Angeles Urban Chicken Enthusiasts is a community of people all around the county who have backyard chickens or are seriously thinking about getting started. If you enjoy the idea of fresh eggs, local ethical food and being daily amused by your hens, this is for you. We'll be talking about about how to get started, what to feed, breeds, coops and more. There will be a hen or two on display and chicken club tees. Come by with your questions.

Marcie the Marvelous Tree: An Autobiography is an inspiring and educational book for younger children about the role of people and trees in helping the environment, and will be available at our Moving Planet booth for a special price of $10 (40% discount).  Kids and families can also try to stamp out litter by playing the Litterbug sponge toss game at our booth  We’ll be giving out free Youth How-To Kits containing everything kids need to know to be leaders of tree planting projects Tree Seed Planting for people to take home and raise a tree to later plant in yards or donate to a group.  We’ll also have information about Tree Musketeers and how to get involved as a leader or volunteer.

SHADE HOTEL: a coastal oasis in Manhattan Beach
The Shade Hotel is excited to welcome Moving Planet attendees to our hotel and the Zinc Lounge. Zinc features “Ready Set” breakfast and lunch menus with seasonal specials, and a complimentary glass of wine during Ready Set lunch. All of our menus feature healthy options and specials for children. Shade Hotel is also proud to showcase several environmentally sustainable features at the Manhattan Beach property, and upcoming in Shade Redondo Beach. As a thank you to Moving Planet participants, Shade is offering 15% off at the Zinc Lounge to those that stop by after the event.  

MB ENVIRONMENTAL TASK FORCE: A Community Group to Protect the Environment
The City’s all volunteer committee is dedicated to developing sustainability focused programs and engaging the community in environmental awareness initiatives. Visit the ETF booth to find out how you can participate in upcoming community-wide contest, or sign up to receive free landscape audits. Also, in recognition of the City’s triumph in the plastic bag ban lawsuit ETF members will hand out organic cotton reusable bags, and beautiful jute bags from GreenGirl World.

Curious if you are eating enough fruits and veggies each day? Come by and get your hand scanned to measure your level of skin caratenoids. Determine if you have an adequate supply of antioxidants to buffer environmental toxins and optimize your health.  Includes a short nutrition assessment with Jeanne Peters RD and/or Allen Peters MD. $5.00 donation to cover test costs.

Visit the South Bay Environmental Services Center booth and learn about ways you can Save Water, Energy, Money and the Environment.  Our partner information includes our latest program “Energy Upgrade CA”.  Learn how you can have a healthy and energy efficient home.  Receive information from Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas Company, West Basin Municipal Water District, Los Angeles County Sanitation District, Los Angeles County Energy Upgrade CA and LA Metro.

The Village Runner is the South Bay's original specialty running store serving thousands of runners and walkers every year. With friendly service and knowledgeable advice, the Village Runner family keeps the South Bay moving every year by getting people properly fitted for running shoes and apparel!  If you haven't done so yet, stop by any of our three locations, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, and Henderson, NV - for expert fitting advice and tips for injury prevention and training!  The Village Runner has the best selection of running shoes, apparel and accessories around the South Bay.

Our mission is the protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network. You can think about that as three concepts. "Protection and enjoyment", we don't want to put a velvet rope around a beach and tell people to keep off. We're surfers, we're beach goers, we're watermen... we enjoy the coasts. We're a user group. Next up is "oceans, waves and beaches." Think coastlines, we're engaged with environmental issues that affect our coastlines. "Powerful activist network" speaks to how we go about this mission. We are a grassroots organization. We're local in many coastal regions.  We're moms, we're surfers, we're kids and teens... we're you. We're engaged to protect what we love; oceans, waves and beaches.

We'll be reviewing Leadership Hermosa's very successful campaign this year to add artisan bike racks to Hermosa Beach and about the future of biking in Hermosa with the new South Bay Bicycle Master Plan.  We will be selling our very popular limited edition "I BIKE HERMOSA" T-Shirts and handing out free "I BIKE HERMOSA" stickers.  We will also have information on our Energy Champions program and how you can get involved.

Join GrowingGreat for some nutrition and garden education fun!  Learn about how you can incorporate healthier eating habits into you and your family's life through hands-on education.  Kids can create arts and crafts that center around nutrition and garden education while you pick up easy tips to introduce new foods to your families.  GrowingGreat is a nonprofit school garden and nutrition education organization dedicated to inspiring children and adults to adopt healthy eating habits since 1999.  Join us at our booth to learn more about our organization and mission!

Moving Planet South Bay is powered by solar energy that is created by the ultra efficient Focus/ecoBoom trailer. The 24 foot trailer features a 20 kilowatt solar-biodiesel hybrid generator, an art gallery by Lori Gilbert, and educational experience all in one. Focus will also provide Dj services, stage and PA for presentations at the exhibit.www.entfocus.com

Waste Management will host a composting demonstration for the Moving Planet South Bay Festival. Composting is nature’s way to recycle your trash into a treasure for your garden.   Learn how to set up composting and worm bins, and the simple steps to recycling many organic materials such as yard trimmings and food waste, while creating free organic fertilizer.  Discounted compost bins and worm bins available to MB residents.  WM and Goodwill will host our first FREE Shred and Recycle Event for businesses and residents on Saturday, October 22 from 9am-12noon at the Mira Costa Parking Lot.  Also visit the Waste Management booth to find out how you can enter a drawing for an iPad2 to celebrate the Grand Opening of Goodwill in Manhattan Beach on September 30th. The new store is located at Manhattan Place at 1145 W. Artesia Blvd. and doors open at 9:00 am Friday & Saturday; 10:00 am Sunday. On Friday & Saturday 1,000 items are marked FREE* If you find one of the items marked FREE* it’s yours! *One per family, for more info call (562) 435-3411

The Awakening the Dreamer symposium is a transformative educational experience that empowers participants to respond to humanity’s current situation with action and informed, grounded optimism about our future.  This half day of leading edge information combines inspiring multimedia presentations and group interaction.  Participants can discover new opportunities to accelerate the emergence of an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just human presence on this planet.  Don't miss this opportunity to feel connected with other change makers in local and global community and be empowered to make a difference.  See trailer athttp://awakeningthedreamer.org/  

REI Manhattan Beach will be on site to discuss the different types of gear and programs available at REI to help fulfill our mission of inspiring, educating, and outfitting, for a lifetime of outdoor adventure and stewardship.  At our booth we’ll be offering: Classes and Event flyers, REI Stewardship flyers, REI Coupons, REI Stickers, REI Swag, Bike safety equipment display (helmet, lights, reflective clothing, leg bands, gloves, etc.), and 2 Raffle prizes (1 adult, 1 youth, approximately $100 value)

The South Bay Bicycle Coalition is the grass roots local volunteer organization behind the South Bay Bicycle Master Plan.  Our Bicycle Plan Initiative Coordinator, Marissa Christiansen, and SBBC Founder, Todd Dipaola will be at our booth to answer your questions about the plan and its implementation.  We’ll also be giving out reflective slap wrap wrist bands, stickers, booklets on the rules of the road, the story of sharrows brochures and other valuable biking resources. Limited edition SBBC t-shirts will be available and you’ll have a chance to sign a support postcard and become an official SBBC supporter.

Hermosa Cyclery will be running the FREE bike corral for you to park your bike while at Moving Planet.  We’ll be happy to fill your tires with air and make minor adjustments to your bike for safer riding.  Take our bike safety quiz and win a free bell for your bicycle.  We have free stickers for the kids

The BCCClub is the premier bike riding club in the South Bay with over 250 members.  What are you doing this weekend? Come and join us for a ride!  We're the Beach Cities Cycling Club.  With group rides as short as 18 miles and as long as 67 miles, Beach Cities Cycling Club features rides for everyone from beginning bike riders to experienced cyclists.  Visit our booth and lets talk about the perfect ride for you, your family and your kids. BCCClub is like most cycling clubs - we promote health, fitness, friendship and those little endorphins. But our real strengths are we encourage a less competitive atmosphere and create opportunities to give back through cycling.

Welcome to a better life!  Beach Cities is now a Vitality City: a place where people are making easy, everyday changes that radically improve their well-being and longevity. A Healthways | Blue Zones Vitality City is a community-wide well-being improvement initiative to create healthier, happier and more productive citizens. It uses permanent, evidence-based environmental and policy changes to help people adopt and maintain healthier lifestyles. It aims to make the Beach Cities community more walkable, bikable, healthy and socially engaged. Visit our booth to find out all about the Vitality City Livability Plan, our Walking Moais and our other exciting programs for the Beach Cities.

Beach Cities Health District (BCHD) is the largest preventive health agency in the nation, and has served the communities of Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach since 1955. Beach Cities Health District will be sharing information about the many preventive health programs, services and facilities that are creating a healthy beach community. Take a spin on the prize wheel to win discounts and free yoga and Pilates classes at the Center for Health & Fitness in Redondo Beach, or goodies and admission to AdventurePlex in Manhattan Beach—where kids and families play their way to good health. And if you just want to learn what’s available to keep beach cities residents healthy, stop by and say hello.

Visit our booth to see how you can lead a healthier lifestyle of eating and exercise.  There will be recipes , giveaways , raffle for free health consultation, and the opportunity to try out the Kangoo Jumps Shoes , a form of rebounding, low impact exercise. Jayne also specializes in Detox Programs and can tell you all about it.

The Hermosa Beach Community Garden booth at the Moving Planet Festival is an opportunity to introduce to our South Bay friends the new Demonstration Community Garden currently being installed at South Park in Hermosa Beach. Information will be available to Hermosa Beach residents on how they can apply for a garden plot to grow their own healthy, organic fruits and vegetables. Sign-ups will be taken for the four October Grow LA Victory Garden Initiative beginning gardening classes being offered at the Demonstration Community Garden through the UC Cooperative Extension, Los Angeles County Master Gardener program. Visitors will learn about fall/winter crops to plant, learn how to start seeds and how to turn useless items from home into useful gardening supplies. There will be information about the UC Cooperative Extension Master Gardener programs and resources, plus a chance to discuss gardening questions and take home seeds from Botanical Interest.

Official Training center of the Los Angeles Kings,and Lakers. We are a world-class athletic training facility located in El Segundo, California. Our dynamic 135,000-square foot sports facility is open to the public seven days a week. The facility is owned byAEG and operated by American Skating Entertainment Centers, LLC. We offer three ice rinks (NHL ,Olympic, and Pond), a full service restaurant, TSC Hockey & Skate Pro Shop, as well as a completefitness center.  Visit our booth where we’ll have a coloring station for children to decorate an ice skate, a free raffle for “Ice Skating for 10” and we will hand out skating coupons & program information.

With a view of the ocean, this quaint neighborhood farmers market offers a wide variety of fresh seasonal and organically-grown fruits, vegetables and flowers, ranging from cherimoyas and seasonal stone fruits, to heirloom tomatoes, honey, specialty herbs, berries and more. The market also features fresh fish, bakery items, hummus, fresh pastas and more.  Visit our booth at Moving Planet and find out what we’re highlighting for the fall season at our market.  We’ll also give you a Farmers Market “buck” you can spend at our Market on Tuesdays at this same location.

South Bay Skates is a serious skateboard shop with a massive selection of skateboard decks with the most exclusive and cutting edge brands around, now online so you can shop at home.  Founded in 2002 by James Lang, a skateboard collector, it was started because of the need for a hardcore skate shop where you can purchase the unusual, the hard to find and original skate products...and of course all the stylie clothes and latest decks and accessories. James' museum collection of eclectic old school boards are more than the garden variety kind, they are the sickest collection from way back in the day...they have even been featured in the movies and some personally signed.  Visit our booth and get insider tips on skateboarding in the South Bay, see our demonstrations and score some cool stickers.

Stop by to learn about our environmental education programs for kids and adults, and pick up some great green living tips while you’re at it. We’ll also have our fun, interactive, sustainability survey. Whether you’re a life-long tree hugger, or just starting to embrace the green lifestyle, come take our survey! The survey is anonymous and results will be posted atwww.teachinggreen.org.



Label GMOs is a grassroots movement to get mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods on the California ballot in 2012.  Our volunteers statewide are out educating their communities and letting people know about this incredible opportunity to support consumer choice.  We will have information and literature as well as examples of foods that may contain genetically modified food.  For more information please visit www.labelgmos.org



Transition South Bay LA is a community-driven organization of volunteers working together through community outreach, awareness efforts and educational events that seeks to unite the South Bay with the common goal of reducing our oil dependence and creating a more resilient and healthy community.  We will be offering information on upcoming Transition workshops and events and answer questions on how to get involved.



There are plenty of health foods on the Los Angeles market. What is so special about Xocai healthy chocolate? It’s the Antioxidant Content. Raw cacao has the highest concentration of antioxidants of any other food. Antioxidants improve health by boosting immunity, supporting vascular function, reducing cellular damage, and increasing energy. Every system and organ in the body benefits from antioxidants. Xocai also contains acai berry, nature’s number two antioxidant food. Healthy Chocolate Headquarters in Redondo Beach will be at the Moving Planet South Bay Festival to provide free samples of the delicious Healthy Chocolate products. Stop by and have a taste!


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